Kindle Fire 2 Release Date Is Q3, Comes With HD Display


Kindle Fire 2 Release Date Is Q3, Comes With HD Display

Yesterday we were telling you that we might actually see three, maybe four Amazon tablets later this year. Today, a rumor related to the launch of Kindle Fire 2 talks about the new terminal like it would be just a sole model. The guys at All Things D heard from sources close to Amazon that Kindle Fire 2 release date is Q3 and that it will come with an improved display.

The source claims that the new Kindle Fire will be thinner and lighter than its successor. Moreover the tablet will have an integrated camera and a higher-resolution display. It seems that the developers that create applications for Kindle Fire have designed their apps for a terminal that packs a display with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels, superior to the current 7-inch 1,024 x 600 pixels installed on the current Amazon tablet.

What’s really interesting is that the 7-inch display will have slightly different aspect ratio: “screen shape is changing slightly: From an aspect ratio of 1.71[16:] to an aspect ratio of 1.60 [16:10],” said DisplayMate President Raymond Soneir.

Therefore, the new Kindle Fire 2 will have pixel density that’s 29% bigger than of the previous model, improving the quality of the display. The good news is that the new higher-resolution display won’t affect the battery life or the thickness of the terminal, according to sources close to Amazon.

With Google Nexus 7 ready to enter the stores later this months and rumors pointing towards a cheaper 7.85-inch iPad Mini that will see the light of day in Q4 2012, Amazon has to get ready for a fierce battle against its rivals, and Kindle Fire 2 seems to be the perfect weapon. Let’s see what technical specifications the new Amazon cheap tablet will hide underneath its slim case.

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