Nokia Readying Windows Phone 8-Powered Lumia 1001 Smartphone


Nokia Readying Windows Phone 8-Powered Lumia 1001 Smartphone

The first Windows Phone 8 smartphones will arrive in the last quarter of 2012. Microsoft’s new operating system brings support for multi-core processors, microSD cards and HD displays. Therefore, high-end smartphones with running on a mobile operating system that has a lot of potential will soon join Nokia’s Lumia line-up.

The statistics show that the Lumia series are dominating the searches that come from Windows Phone devices, but this is not a proof that we are talking about successful products, as only an official press statement unveiling the number of shipped units would show us how popular the Lumia devices are.

Nokia could become world’s first phone maker to unveil an Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Sources indicate that the first WP8 of the Finland-based company will be Nokia Lumia 1001.

The name of the new smartphone was discovered inside Nokia’s list of gadgets from Remote Device Access, which recently ended up in devs’ hands. Nokia Lumia 1001 is the only new name included in the aforementioned list of devices, and it could be the first Windows Phone 8-powered device, writes Redmond Pie.

Nokia Remote Device Access contains the picture of a new device, which has a sharp, rectangular design. It was rumored that it might be Nokia Lumia 910 / 1001. There’s no concrete information about this device and, yet, no one can confirm its existence.

What we know so far is that Nokia is definitely readying several Windows Phone 8 smartphones, but, in my opinion, the company won’t launch a device that looks like the one in the picture above.

The name of the new Nokia smartphone could be changed once it hits the stores, but the codename “1001″ shows that Nokia will continue their partnership with Microsoft and Windows Phone and that a smartphone more powerful than Nokia Lumia 900 is in the works.

The alleged Nokia Lumia 1001 will most likely debut this fall, soon after Windows Phone 8 makes its official market debut.

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