Amazon To Launch A Cheap Android-powered Smartphone


Amazon To Launch A Cheap Android-powered Smartphone

After the Kindle Fire become the best selling Android-powered tablet around, Amazon decided that their portfolio should also include an Android smartphone.

The rumors saying that we will soon see a smartphone with Amazon’s logo on it were ignited by the online retailer’s attempts to licence some wireless patents. A new Amazon-related rumor is added to the older ones saying that the US-based company is working on a 10-inch Kindle tablet. Some other rumors say that the Kindle Fire 2 will be officially introduced next month, on August 7th and it will aim at Google’s recently unveiled Nexus 7 tablet.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon is planning a smartphone that will take on the Apple’s iPhone and other Android phones.

Because the online retailer is probably afraid of the patent lawsuits that are making the headlines of the tech publications, Amazon is working hard to eliminate any problem that might affect their smartphone after the launch.

For the time being we have no information about the technical specifications of the new Amazon smartphone. Anyway it shouldn’t be a problem for Amazon to penetrate the market, as the online retailer already has its own highly customized Android user interface and a popular app store.

Will Amazon use Kindle Fire’s recipe for their new smartphone? I mean a cheap quad-core smartphone with a generous display would be exactly what some of the consumers might search for. Just imagine a One X-ish phone that has a price tag of only $300.

Even though Amazon won’t sell their smartphone on profit, the online retailer would be able to cash in from the in-app purchases and from the Amazon services that will come along with the device.

The smartphone segment is very attractive for the giant companies and reports indicate that Facebook also wants to penetrate this market.

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