Windows 8 Upgrade Price Is $39.99


Windows 8 Upgrade Price Is $39.99

Microsoft is readying the upgrade for Windows 8 and it will have a special price. The Windows 7 users will be able to enjoy the cheapest upgrade in the history of Microsoft’s operating system, priced only $39.99.

The Redmond-based company Microsoft announced a promotional price for the Windows users who want to upgrade their operating system. The Pro version of Windows 8 will be available for purchase at a price of only $39.99.

The Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system users will be able to upgrade their machines to Windows 8 Pro at a very attractive price. Unlike the retail version, which will cost $69.99, the online upgrade will be only $39.99, according to a post on the official blog of the American software company.

The Windows 8 upgrade price cut off, available for the customers that purchased older Windows Pro versions, from XP to 7, it will be available starting this fall, at a price of $39.99 for download and $69.99 for the DVD version, writes ArsTechnica.

Microsoft’s new offer continues the dropping price trend for operating systems, initiated by Apple with the launch of OS X Lion.

The prices for Microsoft’s latest OS upgrade are lower than the ones for the Windows 7 upgrade, when the XP and Vista users had to pay $47 for download or $99 for the DVD. The users that choose to upgrade their platforms to Windows 8 Pro will also receive a free copy of Windows Media Center, which will no longer be included in Windows 8.

The Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade their systems to the new Microsoft operating system and keep all their settings, applications and files, but the older Windows versions will not benefit from a similar treatment.

Windows 8 Pro is dedicated to the business segment and includes a software suit that is not available on the other versions. The promotional Windows 8 upgrade price will be available on 131 markets as soon as the new Microsoft OS officially hits the market.

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