iPhone 4S Sales Drop, Samsung Galaxy S3 And iPhone 5 Are To Blame


iPhone 4S Sales Drop, Samsung Galaxy S3 And iPhone 5 Are To Blame

The fact that Apple’s iPhone sales have consistently dropped in the past few months is not a surprise for anyone. There are two reasons why this happened. First, there a lot of rumors saying that it won’t be long until Apple will release its new smartphone (most probably called iPhone 5). According to the latest rumors the device will be launched in August. The second reason, is that Samsung, Apple’s major rival in the mobile market, has launched its new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3, which immediately gained popularity (thing which was highly expected).

The only place where the iPhone 4S still remains the most popular smartphone is the UK, a fifth of the sold devices being iPhone 4S. However, there is a slight decline in the UK as well if we take in consideration that at the beginning of March the iPhone 4S represented a quarter of all sold handsets.

Nevertheless, the numbers are not that accurate as the research is not quite reliable. The evidence is kept from large mobile carriers employees who affirm that the iPhone has a lot of fans, but many of them are waiting for the new device to appear on the market.

Plus, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has made a big impact from the moment it was launched and managed to take almost 18% of the mobile market in its first week. The information is provided by Gfk and its based on operator sales.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has received very good reviews by users and specialists, and it’s considered to be the iPhone’s major opponent on the market due to its high specs and design. Also, the smartphone built by the South Korean company has been well received in markets in which Samsung did not have a big success until now.

Samsung had the same sales problem as Apple, before launching the GS3, dropping to 6% ┬áin June (at the beginning of March it had over 9%). Nevertheless, Samsung has other two popular phones on the shelves, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Ace, and in a top the ten most sold smartphones on the market, the South Korean company is present with over 30%. Apple doesn’t stand so good in this top, with only 20% share represented by the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S (the phones situated outside the top ten are not included).

It’s obvious that the people are waiting for the iPhone 5 and don’t want to purchase a device that will become outdated soon enough. The same thing happened before Apple released the iPhone 4S.

The truth is that the UK remains one of the few regions where Apple is the mobile market leader as Samsung started an unexpected hegemony on all important markets. Well just have to see what will happen when the iPhone 5 gets released.

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