iPhone 5 Release Date, Rumors Round-up


iPhone 5 Release Date, Rumors Round-up

There’s no doubt that the iPhone 5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones, as all the Apple fans are eager to see what the Cupertino-based company prepared for them this time. Will Apple call their next iOS smartphone iPhone 5? We don’t know, yet. Maybe it will named the new iPhone, instead of the popular nickname of iPhone 5 given by the media, just like it happened with the iPad: so far, we’ve had iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad, even though many are calling it iPad 3.

The other companies can’t enjoy the same buzz created around the launch of Apple product launches, because the. The public had a similar reaction ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S3, also because the South Korea-based phone maker managed to keep their new flagship secret. Well, not as good as Apple and their iPhone, where the security level is incredible. You can see for yourself that we have no concrete information about the iPhone 5. All we can to is to take educated guesses based on Apple’s product launch pattern.

Rumor has it that iPhone 5 will be 7 mm thin. The slim smartphones are highly appreciated by the consumers, but everyone expects iPhone 5′s design to be flawless. I don’t think Apple will rush to present a new design language. They will rather stretch the case of the iPhone 4/4S. Apple’s designed evolved but only the iPhone 4 was the model that brought a real revolution. The shape of iPhone 4/4S became a sort of icon for Apple, and I don’t believe the guys from Cupertino will drop it with ease.

The high-end smartphones are nowadays arriving with 4.5+ inch displays, while Apple got stuck to 3.5-inches. Just look at the kings of the smartphone segment: Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED), HTC One X (4.7-inch Super IPS LCD2) and Galaxy Nexus (4.65-inch Super AMOLED). Sources say that the iPhone 5 will feature a slightly bigger touchscreen panel, sized between 3.9 and 4.1 inches, with a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels. You can see that Apple kept the width of the iPhone 4S’ resolution (960 x 640 pixels), so the applications will be ported on the new display much easier. Moreover the new resolution will almost get close to the HD resolution of the high-end Android smartphones – 1,280 x 720 pixels for Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X.

Reports claim that the iPhone 5′s display will be protected against scratches by a Gorilla Glass 2 layer. The Gorilla Glass 2 is now thinner than the previous generation, allowing Apple to keep their new iOS smartphone as slim as possible.

I guess Apple will want a unique size for their smartphone, like Nokia did with N9 and its 3.9-inch display. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new iPhone has a 3.99 or 4.05 touch panel.

As about the iPhone 5 CPU, I see no motivation for Apple to fit a quad-core chipset inside their phone. A quad-core processor would give them headaches when it comes to making the iPhone 5 only 7 mm thick. Moreover it would eat more battery and the heat level would be too high. Maybe Apple will overclock the new iPad’s A5X processor to 1.2 GHz. The next-gen iPhone would probably feature 1 GB of RAM and it will be offered in three storage variants: 16, 32 and 64 GB.

Apple would want to integrate a powerful graphic processing unit, and it will definitely be a PowerVR unit. Maybe Apple will use the entire A5X SoC from the new iPad, including the PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU with four cores.

We know for sure that iPhone 5 will come pre-loaded with iOS 6, the latest version of the Apple’s mobile operating system. The user interface is the same, but each time is faster, it comes with new features centered on key elements: intuitive and simple.

We already know that iOS 6 will be available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad and last gen iPod Touch. It arrives with an improved Siri, Passbook and NFC, Apple Maps with turn-by-turn navigation, Facebook integration, better iCloud support and FaceTime calls over 3G cellular networks.

It seems that iTunes will be upgraded, too, with a revised interface, one of the biggest changes since its launch in 2001, with iCloud integration, improved sharing features for the songs in App Store and an easier way to discover movies, songs and applications.

As about connectivity, rumor has it that iPhone 5 will sport NFC and 4G LTE besides the standard WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm jack and GPS. The 4G will be a decisive factor for the US market, where the consumers are desperate to have it on their smartphones.

The iPhone 4S’ 8 megapixel camera is doing a good job already and I don’t see a reason why the should fit one with a bigger resolution. Besides the Nokia 808 PureView and a couple of Sony Xperia models, most of the high-end smartphones are boasting about their 8 megapixel units. Still, Apple might revise the camera application, adding new features.

It will be great if Apple’s next iPhone comes with better battery life, but the dual-core CPU, the powerful GPU and the company’s desire to develop a slim device, might make the iPhone 5′s battery life worse than iPhone 4S’. Just look how the new iPad has a battery twice as capable as the previous model, but it’s thicker, so it will be interesting to see what solution Apple will choose for the next smartphone that will soon join their line-up.

Everyone expects to see the iPhone 5 / new iPhone in flesh sometime in September or October 2012. Anyway until the next-gen iOS-powered phone is officially introduced, we will keep you up to date with the latest details about this highly-anticipated smartphone.

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