Samsung Galaxy S3 Available At Sprint


Samsung Galaxy S3 Available At Sprint

Probably some of you guys are already enjoying the Samsung Galaxy S3′s new features. You deserve it because you were smart enough to make your pre-orders in time. However, the great majority of the people are still waiting for the smartphone to hit the shelves. It’s obvious that many possible customers are waiting a little longer until purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S3 to see how it behaves, read more reviews, etc. It’s only natural because it’s not quite a cheap phone, to be fair.

Nevertheless, if you made up your mind and decided to buy one, you must know that the guys at Sprint kept their word when said that Samsung’s new flagship smartphone will be available by July 1st. The device has been shipped and it’s now available. You can purchase it from the carrier’s website and from other sales channels. The price tags have been set. You will have to pay $199.99 for the 16GB version and $249.99 for the 32GB model. As you can imagine, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is sold with a 2-year contract. The bad news is that the 32GB version of the phone is not available in retail stores for now.

There is good news too as Sprint has just released a software update for the smartphone. Don’t get very excited because it’s not Android Jelly Bean. It’s more like a software that will fix some security issues, but it also allows the usage of Google Wallet on the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you want, you can get he latest Android OS through unofficial means, it’s up to you.

The important thing is that the customers eager to buy the phone, can now do it on Sprint.

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