Nokia Has A Backup Plan In Case Windows Phone 8 Fails


Nokia Has A Backup Plan In Case Windows Phone 8 Fails

In a recent interview for a Finnish television,Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia’s board chairman, Said that the phone manufacturing company he runs has a plan B in case Windows 8 fails to become relevant on the smartphone market, currently controlled by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Siilasmaa broke the silence saying that Symbian’s market share dropped almost to zero and that Nokia is not capable of reviving this OS, therefore the company will stop using it in the near future. The Nokia official also said that the Scandinavian company is now operating on 5 market segments, like global positioning services, patent portfolio, and Nokia Simens networks. The other two business areas are centered on phones and software development.

The Nokia chairman also added that the Windows Phone choice was made after a deep examination of the opportunities Microsoft’s operating system will bring.

Windows Phone 8 is seen by Mr. Siilasmaa as a technological first, as it provides a seamless experience for the users across multiple hardware platforms, whether they are PCs, tablets or smartphones. He refers to the shared elements of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems, adding that the users will be able to continue their work on another device, without feeling like they’ve switched to another software platform.

The same Nokia official said that the company’s CEO, Stephen Elop, receives all the board’s support, despite the critics he recently received.

Still… which is Nokia’s back-up plan? Is it Meltemi, MeeGo, Maemo or maybe even Android?

Last year Nokia and Microsoft signed a partnership that allows the Finland-based phone maker to manufacture smartphones running on Windows Phone. Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 were the first such devices developed by Nokia, introduced in October 2011, at Nokia World.

The flagship device of the Nokia Windows Phone line-up, was announced at CES in January 2012, a model addressed to the US consumers. The international variant of Nokia Lumia 900 was presented on month later, in Barcelona, at Mobile World Congress 2012, along with a low-end WP model, Nokia Lumia 610.

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