Windows Phone 8 Marketplace To Receive Support In 180 Countries


Windows Phone 8 Marketplace To Receive Support In 180 Countries

After Microsoft announced the new Windows Phone 8 during Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco, the Redmond-based company have recently unveiled new details about the launch of their mobile operating system.

Microsoft will dramatically expand the Windows Phone 8 support, as they will launch the new operating system in 180 countries, almost three time the number of markets compared to previous Windows Phone versions.

The company’s officials also wanted to present the in-app capabilities of Windows Phone 8, helping their platform to lure the developers who will now have a new opportunity to increase their revenues.

Therefore, besides the revenue generated by app purchase in Marketplace, the developers can now sell virtual goods and services directly from their apps.

Windows Phone have seen the light of day in the second half of 2010, but now, after Windows Phone 8 Apollo was officially introduced, Microsoft’s mobile platform is seen as a real threat for the two big players of the smartphone market, Apple and iOS.

So far, Windows Phone wasn’t relevant on the smartphone market, controlling only an insignificant share of the segment, after Android and iOS ate everything in their way. But Microsoft’s mobile platform have grown up. When WP was unveiled the Marketplace was only hosting a couple of thousands apps, but now the users can choose from over 100,000 options.

The good news for the growth of Marketplace is that Windows Phone 8 shares the same kernel with Windows 8 and Windows RT, meaning that the apps can be migrated between the three platforms with fewer head aches.

Besides an improved Start Screen, with resizable Live Tiles, Windows Phone 8 also brings enhanced and more accurate maps and support for multi-core processors and higher-resolution displays, as well as microSD card compatibility.

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