Google Glasses Release Date And Price Are 2014 For $500


Google Glasses Release Date And Price Are 2014 For $500

One of the hottest topics on the tech blogs is Google’s augmented reality glasses, which were demoed at the Google I/O event in San Francisco. Many of the analysts are saying that the new Google product will be the next “big thing” after Apple launched the iPad tablet in 2010.

Of course, carrying the connection to the virtual world with you sounds like a science fiction story, but what we found impossible a few years ago will soon become reality. Augmented reality.

For the time being, the Google Glasses are available for pre-order exclusively for developers with a price of $1,500. I looks like a big price to pay, but the developers can now create the first apps for the new product and earn even more after the Google Glasses are mass produced.

If everything goes as planned and Google’s researchers and the developers are combining their efforts, the final version should be on market in $2014. Some specialists estimated that the price for Google Glasses will be as much as $500, and some analysts even said they will cost only $200.

The augmented reality are tested with Android apps, like Google+ and Gmail as we speak, but one of the problems is the lack of 3G/4G connectivity, as the Internet access is made via WiFi. Most likely, the final version will be 3G/4G-friendly. As about the Google Glasses’ battery, it can get them through 6 hours of labor, but the battery life might be improved before they are officially launched on the market.

Another important piece of information is that Google is working on augmented reality sun glasses, a product that might be even more popular than the version presented in the first instance.

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