7-inch And 10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Models With Metal Casing In The Works


7-inch And 10-inch Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Models With Metal Casing In The Works

After Google introduced a serious competitor for Kindle Fire a couple of days ago, Nexus 7, Amazon is determent to fight back and rumor has it that the online retailer has two new tablets with metal casing in the works. Amazon will launch two new Kindle Fire models a 7-inch competitor for Nexus 7 and a 10-inch model that aims to Apple’s iPad.

The 7-inch Kindle Fire 2, nicknamed internally as “Coyote” sports a dual-core processor and it will be launched in November, just like it’s predecessor. On the other hand, the 10-inch Amazon tablet, unofficially dubbed “Hollywood” it will sport a quad-core chipset (most likely Tegra 3) and it will hit the market a few months away from its 7-inch brother.

A few months-old rumors were saying that Amazon is working on a 8.9-inch slate, and that besides the bigger display it will come with improved technical specifications, like 1 GB of RAM and Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU/

Both Amazon’s new tablets will have metal casing. As about the technical specifications, it’s still premature to launch some rumors.

Quoting reliable sources, Bloomberg writes that the Kindle Fire tablet will soon integrate social gaming elements, brought by a firmware update.

Paving the road for the upcoming Kindle Fire releases, the Amazon tablet will have a feature similar to iOS’ or OS X’ Game Center. Therefore the owners who use the Amazon tablet for gaming will soon be able to boast about their achievements and scores on the platform’s charts.

There are already 43,000+ apps in Amazon’s store, optimized and tested for Kindle Fire. Considering a study conducted in April that reports that Kindle Fire is the tablet chose by 54% of the Android users, a social gaming feature would do nothing more than lure even more customers to the Amazon univers.

Even though Nexus 7 will definitely influence the statistics of the tablet market, if Amazon concentrates its efforts to bring new features and a new hardware to keep the Kindle Fire up to date, the battel on this segment will not be as easy as it looks. Fortunately, in any case scenario, the final customer is the one who wins.

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