iPhone 5 To Control The Smartphone Market In 2013, Says Analyst


iPhone 5 To Control The Smartphone Market In 2013, Says Analyst

The the hardware improvements combined with the new Apple services introduced by iOS 6 will help iPhone 5 be the best selling device on the 2013 smartphone market, says Mark Moskowitz, J.P. Morgan analyst.

The new iPhone is expected to debut in October, along side the new Apple mobile operating system, iOS 6. The analyst quoted by CNET claims the 4G LTE connectivity is one of the features that will help the new iPhone 5 become the king of the smartphone market in 2013.

The J.P. Morgan forecasts talk about a drop in Apple iPhone shipments in the third quarter of the year, but also show an important raise in the last time frame of the year.

The good news arrived for Apple a day before the fifth birthday of the iPhone. Unveiled on June 29th 2007, the first iPhone was sold in 1 million copies in the first 74 days, while over 218 million iPhone devices were sold over the last five years, generating a revenue of over $150 billion.

Rumor has it that the new iPhone 5 will sport a bigger display and a more powerful chipset. Foxconn CEO, known for criticizing Samsung on each occasion, after the South-Korean company filed a complain over the labor conditions in the Chinese factory, that the “next iPhone will put Galaxy S3 to shame.”

The alleged iPhone 5 cases that leaked on the web recently, betray a new design for the Apple smartphone, created to accommodate a bigger Retina display (likely a 4-inch unit). The cases also unveiled a bigger hole for the camera, which reportedly have an 8 megapixel sensor.

Sources indicate that the iPhone 5 will sport a brand new dual-core CPU manufactured by Samsung, but Apple’s previous product launches pattern shows us that it might actually come with the A5X processor currently on the new iPad. The Cupertino-based company made a tradition out of fitting the iPad SoC inside their iPhones. Therefore the iPhone 4 arrived with the A4 chipset of the first iPad, iPad 2′s A5 chip was shared with iPhone 4S, therefore the iPhone 5 might sport the A5X LTE-friendly CPU of the new iPad.

As about the release date, sources say that it will be introduced in October, while iOS 6 Gold Master release date indicates that we might see the iPhone 5 in flesh in the first month of fall.

Will you purchase the new iPhone 5 by the end of the year, or will you stick with your old smartphone?

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