Google Glasses Available For Pre-order At Google I/O, Price Is $1,500


Google Glasses Available For Pre-order At Google I/O, Price Is $1,500

At Google I/O 2012 Day 1, the Mountain View-based company launched the highly-anticipated Nexus 7 tablet and the last version of their mobile operating system, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Yesterday, Sergei Brin, Google CEO, stepped on the stage of the Google I/O event and unveiled more details about Project Glass, company’s augmented reality glasses. The Google Glasses were introduced in an extreme and spectacular way, as they were brought on stage by a group of skydivers and bikers that carried them to Brin’s hands.

It seems that the guys at Google haven’t forgot about the Google Glasses project, as the I/O audience enjoyed an impressive presentation of the gadget. So, you are dreaming to record your skydiving experience and share it with your friends? Well, Google’s guys did exactly this, providing a skydivers team with Google Glasses, live streaming the jump. We were all able to enjoy, on the big screens installed in Moscone Center, San Francisco, the free fall from an extremely personal perspective.

The glasses presented on the I/O stage are an intermediate version, between a prototype and the commercial version, and is called Google Glasses Explorer Edition.

Sergei Brin also announced the price of the augmented reality Project Glass gadget – $1,500, and, for the time being they are available for pre-order exclusively to Google devs, while us, the mortals, will still have to wait until they officially hit the market, hopefully with a reasonable price.

At the moment, Google Glasses can offer live streaming for videos, they can capture photos by pressing a button on the frame and underpin audio transmissions. The product weighs in less than a classic pair of sun glasses. What we expected to see was the interface that is supposed to connect us to the world around us. Google still keeps it secret, but Brin insured us that the product is still in his early ages and that more and more interesting features will come in the near future.

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