iPhone 5 To Sport NFC Chip


iPhone 5 To Sport NFC Chip

The new iPhone 5 will most likely be unveiled in October and the latest reports suggest that the new Apple smartphone will allow phone payments using NFC technology.

The guys at 9to5mac have taken a close look inside the code of the new iOS 6, which will debut on the iPhone 5, and discovered the drivers for NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and the afferent antenna.

The NFC chip’s presence on the iPhone 5 is also confirmed by the launch of the new Passbook application, Apple’s response to Google Wallet, the electronic payment system launched by Google. Passbook allows users to scan movie tickets, prices or plane tickets using the bar and QR codes.

According to the official blog of the British retailer, Mobile Fun, the new Apple smartphone will be only 7.6 mm thick, while its predecessor, iPhone 4S, was 9.3 mm thick. iPhone 5 it will be longer (123.8 mm instead of 115.2), but it will be as wide as the current Apple model. Recent speculations said that the dock connector will be smaller, the size of a microUSB port.

The leaked iPhone 5 cases come to confirm the rumors saying that the next-gen iOS smartphone will have a 19-pin dock connector, and the Blacpool Creative designers have recently rendered the design of the new Apple smartphone, based on the details that leaked on the web recently.

A couple of weeks ago we presented you another video, where a TradeSupply employee was showcasing an alleged iPhone 5 case. This might be the new device that might be launched during the fall. We can easily see that the design was changed and that the case can accommodate a bigger display, probably a 4-inch one, as latest rumors suggested.

We can easily see that the case has a bigger hole, where a new camera will be placed, maybe an 8 megapixel unit. The 3.5 mm audio jack have been re-positioned to the bottom side of the device, next to the new 19-pin dock connector.

According to 9to5Mac, the new iPhone will come with a new processor, Samsung 5L8950X ARM, unofficially dubbed “A5-***.” It seems that the chipset is a lot more powerful than the S5L8940X (A5) and S5L8945X (A5X) chipsets installed on the iPhone 4S and on the new iPad, respectively. It’s not sure yet whether it will be a dual-core or quad-core chipset, but after looking back at Apple’s previous product releases, a processor based on two cores is seen as favorite.

We’ve told you last week that the new iPhone 5 release date might have been set for September and that the new device will come with 4G LTE support. Therefore, Apple will change the launch pattern of their smartphones. The first four iPhone models were announced during the summer (June or July), beginning with the iPhone 4S (October 2011), the Cupertino-based company have moved the release date of their iOS phones in the fall.

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