BlackBerry L-Series And N-Series Details Leaked


BlackBerry L-Series And N-Series Details Leaked

There are a couple of months since BlackBerry didn’t announce new devices for the BlackBerry line-up. The last two additions to the BlackBerry range were two low-costs smartphones created for the Asian market: 9320 and 9220.

Still, the Canadian phone maker announce a phone made for Porsche, with a prohibitive price and, in my opinion, is an unjustified investment.

The guys at N4BB got their hands on the first details regarding two new RIM series, which will hit the market branded as BlackBerry: L-Series and N-Series. It seems that both series will be running on BlackBerry 10. We are expecting to see the new RIM mobile operating system in action on the first BB device this summer, in August.

The L-Series will pack full-touch smartphones, while the N-Series will be made of device with physical full QWERTY keyboards – a popular feature of the BlackBerry smartphones. The display of the BlackBerry L-Series smartphones might have a resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels and a pixel density of 356 ppi (bigger than on any other smartphone currently on the market). BlackBerry N-Series would have a 720 x 720 pixels display and 330 ppi.

Rumor has it that both BlackBerry L-Series and BlackBerry N-Series are the codenames used internally by RIM. When L-Series and N-Series will officially hit the market they will be re-branded as London and Nevada, respectively.

We will probably return with more details in the coming weeks. Are you still interested in the BlackBerry smartphones or you’ve switched to iPhone, or maybe to Windows Phone or Android smartphones?

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