Microsoft Readying Windows 8 Release To Manufacturing Version


Microsoft Readying Windows 8 Release To Manufacturing Version

Windows 8 is ready to pass to the next milestone, RTM (Release To Manufacturing), which means that Microsoft’s operating system have reached the final presentation shape and it won’t receive any important changes until the official launching event, scheduled for this fall.

Windows 8 RTM have received an internal build number that starts with 8500 (reports said that the final build will be 8600) and it will be ready to arrive in the OEM’s yards in early July.

Among others, the final installation Kit for Windows 8 is expected to come without the Aero Glass theme, responsible for the famous transparent windows in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In other words, the classic Windows 8 user interface will be less attractive in terms of looks, but a bit faster than the one in Windows 7.

In case no unexpected changes occur, Windows 8 won’t have the popular Start Menu and the afferent button in the classic interface, as its functionality have been taken over by the new start screen that uses the Metro user interface.

Microsoft is planning to launch the public version of Windows 8 sometime in mid October, followed, towards the end of the same month, by the debut of the Redmond-based company’s mobile platform, Windows Phone 8, designed for the next generation of smartphones underpinned by their platform.

As you probably know, Windows 8 will also arrive on tablets manufactured on ARM technology, a version called Windows RT. The good news is that all the Microsoft’s operating systems, Windows 8 x86, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 are sharing the same kernel, thus migrating apps from one platform to another will give the developers less head aches.

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