Google Preparing Cloud Service, A Rival For Microsoft And Amazon, It Will Be Unveiled At Google I/O


Google Preparing Cloud Service, A Rival For Microsoft And Amazon, It Will Be Unveiled At Google I/O

An important Google event is scheduled to kick this week, on June 27th, namely Google I/O, the annual conference where we might be able to see Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in flesh for the first time. We might also see the highly-anticipated Nexus 7 tablet at the same press event, a tablet that might have a price between $199 and $249.

We will see other software products and services unveiled, at Google I/O, as well, with a cloud solution among them, a rival for Microsoft’s and Amazon’s similar products.

Both Google and Microsoft are working on a cloud response to Amazon’s offer, which was highly popular among the startups and companies in search for a cloud solution. While Amazon is trying hard to penetrate the business/enterprise segment, Google rather wants to compete against Microsoft and their community of developers. In order to attract the developers, the search engine giant will make the writing, administration and implementation processes for their platform easier than the competition’s.

GigaOM writes that Google will sign partnership deals with third party companies to help them develop the cloud platform, with names like Rightscale and Opscode being among the favorite firms to team up with the Mountain View IT giant.

It’s interesting though how Google and Amazon are rivals and partners in the same time, as the online retailer’s tablet, Kindle Fire is running on Android OS, making it the most popular tablet running on the mobile platform.

As I mentioned above, besides the cloud solution that will compete against Amazon’s, Google is also planning a cheap tablet, with high-end specifications to go against the Kindle Fire. Rumor has it that the Google Tablet, unofficially dubbed Nexus 7, will sport a 7-inch display, Tegra 3 quad-core chipset, 1 GB of RAM and 8 or 16 GB of internal flash storage, all these for a mere $199.

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