Nokia Lumia 900 Running On Windows Phone 7.8 Caught In The Wild


Nokia Lumia 900 Running On Windows Phone 7.8 Caught In The Wild

Last week Microsoft officially announced Windows Phone 8, an operating system that, to the frustration of the Windows Phone early adopters, will not arrive on the terminals currently running on this operating system. As a consolation, the users will be able to update their smartphones to Windows Phone 7.8, which will bring some of the WP8 featurers. A Nokia Lumia 900 running on a premature version of Windows Phone 7.8 was caught in the wild.

The picture above is coming from US and shows a Nokia Lumia 900 Star Wars edition smartphone with Windows Phone 7.8 on board. Apparently we are talking about a Microsoft employee who was running some tests and wanted to tease the yet-unreleased firmware update.

Reports say that some of the Windows Phone users in China have already received the Windows Phone 7.8 update on their Lumia terminals, while the software for the rest of international models will roll out in July. Among other goodies, the new firmware version will allow the users to resize the Live Tiles, a feature introduced on Windows Phone 8.

Therefore, Live Tiles will now fit the whole Start Screen, in three different sizes: small, medium and large (screen-wide and twice as big as the medium Tiles). Moreover, the Tiles are more dynamic now and I look forward to the other improvements this update will bring, besides the aesthetic ones.

Windows Phone 7.8 will bring features like Camera Share, Panorama Mode, Action Shot, Contact Share (which will allows contact info sharing via SMS or mail), Counters (tracks you internet data traffic, GSM calls and messages), PlayTo (share content between two smartphones or compatible HDTV via DLNA), and Zynga Games (two popular tiles will arrive on the Lumia line-up two months ahead of Windows Marketplace debut: Words with friends and Draw Something).

It looks like Microsoft is favoring Nokia after the software giant and the Finnish phone maker signed a partnership deal, therefore the Lumia devices will be in the first wave of smartphones that will receive the Windows Phone updates.

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