ASUS Transformer Pad TF700 US Release Date And Price Are July For $499


ASUS Transformer Pad TF700 US Release Date And Price Are July For $499

After releasing several Windows 8 devices, ASUS is back to Android as it just announced that its high-end Transformer Pad Infinity will be put on sale in the United States. The tablet should hit the shelves the week of July 16th. It comes in two versions: the 32GB model which will cost $499 and the 64GB version which will cost $599. Of course, the prices do not include the keyboard docks which will be sold separately for $149.

When the MWC took place, ASUS released multiple Transformer tablets, but the Infinity (also called TF700) was the higher-end one having a 10-inch 1920 x 1200 IPS screen coating Gorilla Glass. The surprise was that the LTE version had a different chip that the WiFi only model. The tablets announced today have a quad-core Tegra 3 processor (the WiFi only model) and a dual-core Snapdragon S4 (the 4G version). Each model has the best product of the manufacturers meaning NVIDIA and Qualcomm.

Good news for the users who own one of the older Primes as the dock of the TF201 is compatible with the TF700. In case they want to change the old tablet with the Transformer Pad Infinity, they won’t have to spend $149 for a new keyboard. This is no shock considering that the two models have pretty much the same dimensions.

The Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 packs 1GB of DDR3 RAM and it’s powered by a 25Wh which is said to last about eight and a half hours (the keyboard dock has a 19.5Wh battery which should provide five additional hours of runtime). The TF700 include Bluetooth 3.0 (the Prime features Bluetooth 2.1), an 8MP back-side camera and a 2MP webcam in the front. As other Transformer models, the Infinity runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and ships with 8GB of free lifetime cloud storage.

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