Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Delayed In US


Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Delayed In US

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a highly expected device in North America, but it seems that the fans may have to wait a little longer for it. While it has been more than three weeks singe the smartphone was launched in Europe and Asia, the North American are very unlucky. Firstly, Samsung has announced that, in Canada, the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be postponed for June 27. Sprint and T-Mobile also delayed the release of the phone, the information being confirmed by the carriers a few days ago. The excuse is always the same, the demand is too overwhelming and their supply is limited.

It seems that everybody is following this trends as a yesterday report stated that it’s the same situation with AT&T as well. The information has been confirmed. Some of the carrier’s customers who made their pre-order for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have to be a little more patient as AT&T is having supply issues, according to a statement published by The Verge. If you have made a pre-ordered at AT&T and your device will take longer to arrive, you will receive a confirmation via email and text. However, there is also good news (if you can consider it that way), as AT&T claims that the customers will receive the Samsung Galaxy S3 no later than, June 25. So, don’t worry you will have your device until Monday.

The customers that have not pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 yet, will have to stand by until the next opportunity. In case you want one for yourself you have to wait 10 business days until the carrier is ready to take pre-orders again. However, it’s not a sure thing because it all depends on how many units AT&T will have in stock.

Some of the customers have already received the device, some will get it soon, some will have to be a little more patient. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a great smartphone, probably the best one on the market. Everybody knew that it will have a great success before Samsung launched it so, why did the South Korean company not prepare for such a strong demand? It’s a question which will probably remain unanswered.

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