Transparent-display iPhone 5 concept in the wild


Transparent-display iPhone 5 concept in the wild

Here we are with one more iPhone 5 rumor and some new photos of the allegedly transparent smartphone. It’s well known that Apple always wants to revolutionize the markets they are in with new, great features. But nowadays it’s pretty hard to do something that doesn’t exist already, though there still are a few solutions. Two ideas we have been hearing about lately are either a transparent smartphone or a flexible display.

Rumors have been talking about a transparent iPhone 5 for a long time, but it’s really hard to believe, though not impossible. While on the other side, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about a flexible display Galaxy Note 2. If both rumors were true, then we’d assist a true fight between the two phone makers.

While the photos and videos look awesome, we won’t probably see a transparent iPhone 5 on the shelves very soon, though it’s worth watching. We’ve already seen working transparent displays with dual-side touchscreen, but the technology is still at an early phase and unlikely to begin production this year, when the iPhone 5 is expected to be released.

So, unfortunately, we don’t have any more information about the iPhone 5, these being only some concept art, though it does look amazing and we might see this technology in iPhone 6 or even later. Now we can only wait for the release date and see what has Apple prepared us.

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