Apple iTV Release Date Is Q4 2012 ?


Apple iTV Release Date Is Q4 2012 ?

It’s been a while since Apple announced its new high-definition television. The latest rumors say that the company will release it just before the winter holidays. Brian White, who is a Topeka Capital Markets analysts, has reported that Hon Hai (an Apple manufacturing partner) will soon receive LCD panels for Apple’s HDTV, in the third quarter of 2012 to more specific. Earlier rumors claimed that it Apple will not launch the device sooner than 2013, but this new report is kind of confirming the fact that the company will launch the highly anticipated Apple TV in the 4th quarter of 2012.

Of course, the HDTV from Apple will run iOS and rumors say that it will include an SDK which enables manufacturers and application developers to create all sorts of apps and accessories for the TV. Also, the Apple TV might come with the Siri voice controls feature which would be very interesting (imagine changing the channels by voice command). Plus, it looks like the channels will be distributed in app-like bundles, so the Apple HDTV will be different from standard ones.

There is no information about any price tag, but surely this is not a cheap device. Brian White notes that if Apple manages to capture around 2% of the LCD TV market, the HDTV would generate up to $10 in revenue.

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