Is Microsoft Surface Better Than The iPad?


Is Microsoft Surface Better Than The iPad?

After the Microsoft Surface tablets were officially unveiled, many of the IT analysts said that Apple’s iPad finally has a rival to match. Even though Microsoft haven’t announced the tablet’s price yet, the public seems to be enthusiastic about Surface.

After a lot of buzz was created around Microsoft’s tablet, we should start considering that Surface is a real threat for the iPad. But is it better than Apple’s slate or the media is exaggerating as usual?

The excellent design of the iPad made the other tablets on the market look stumpy. Microsoft have fitted a 10.1-inch display on their tablet, slightly bigger than the one installed on the Apple tablet, but one of the key elements for the success of Microsoft Surface is its waist.

Microsoft Surface RT is 0.1 mm thinners than the new iPad (9.3 vs 9.4), so the customers will be pleased. On the other hand Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro is significantly bigger than the Apple slate, which might be good enough for those who consider the new Microsoft tablet a touchscreen ultrabook.

Microsoft also decided to offer the customers what Apple initially refused to: compact keyboards that allows the user to use the tablet easier. Being only 3 mm thick, Touch Cover is a capacitive keyboard integrated in the case that can also be used as a stand and it’s available in four colors: black, red, blue and pink.

Type Cover is 5 mm thick, but it comes with an integrated trackpad, which can transform your Microsoft Surface tablet with Windows 8 Pro into an ultrabook.

Apple’s stubbornness to give their customers what they wanted right from the begging, an USB port to allow the user to connect any gadget to their tablet, becomes now a major problem for iPad.

Even though the users have WiFi and could storage solutions for iPad, many of the customers might prefer the two USB ports of the Microsoft Surface, which would allow them to easily connect their external drives, cameras or even printers. As you probably know, Microsoft Surface with Windows RT sports two USB 2.0 ports, while Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro comes with two USB 3.0 slots.

So far, the tablets were some sort of laptop – smartphone hybrids, but Microsoft tries to get closer to the technical specifications of an ultrabook with their Surface Pro.

Featuring an Intel Core i5 processor, the Microsoft tablet with Windows 8 Pro will come with up to 128 GB of internal storage, another ace up the sleeve in the fight against iPad, which is limited to 64 GB of storage.

The SmartGlass system, presented by Microsoft at E3, will connect any tablet, no matter if it’s running on Windows, Android or iOS, to the Xbox console, in order to provide an improved multimedia experience. If Microsoft optimizes Xbox SmarGlass for Surface and introduces new features, might persuade the customers to choose their tablet over the iPad, due to the advantages brought by the media experience, where the TV, the gaming console, the tablet and the smartphone are interacting perfectly, while playing different roles.

Even though Apple has seen along the years how Microsoft and other companies are failed launching rivals for the iDevices – too few chose the Zune player instead of an iPod – the company was probably ready for the debut of the Surface tablets.

In the same day when Microsoft presented Surface, Apple launched a new TV commercial for the new iPad, with the motto “Do It All.” So is it Apple’s new iPad commercial a common marketing action or a sign that Apple is really afraid of the success of Microsoft Surface?

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