Samsung Galaxy S3 Is “Explosive,” Literally


Samsung Galaxy S3 Is “Explosive,” Literally

A user of a British forum,, has reported how his Samsung Galaxy S3, fitted in the car holder, suddenly ignited, emit a lot of smoke and melting the plastic case.

According to the owner, his Samsung Galaxy S3 wasn’t connected to any source of power, so he can’t explain how it burst into flames. Samsung reacted quickly to the complaint and confirmed on the company’s official blog that once the device will arrive at their labs, an investigation will be started to look into the causes that led to the incident.

Long story short, a couple of days ago, a Samsung Galaxy S3, bought form one of the biggest phone retailers in England, Carphone Warehouse, exploded. After the owner held his quad-core model into the car docking kit, without the recharging cable attached, instead of heating up or turn off like any other smartphone would do, it started to smoke and it finally sparked into white flames, followed by a bang. As you can see in the gallery bellow, the Samsung flagship smartphone was pretty damaged…

After the unhappy event, although the display continued to work properly, the GSM functions of the device stopped working. For the time being, the smartphone is in Carphone Warehouse’s “autopsy” room and we will see soon if it was manufacturing fault or if the owner is the one to blame for the explosion of the Galaxy S3.

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