iPhone 5 Will Put Samsung Galaxy S3 To Shame, Says Foxconn CEO


iPhone 5 Will Put Samsung Galaxy S3 To Shame, Says Foxconn CEO

The new iPhone 5, a smartphone that will be released in the fall, will “put Galaxy S3 to shame,” said the CEO of Foxconn, the Chinese electronics manufacturing company that builds the Apple smartphones. Terry Gou made the statement at the annual meeting of Foxconn shareholders.

According to Focus Taiwan, quoting the Tuesday edition of China Times, the Foxconn Chief Executive Officer has a personal vendetta against Samsung and he never hesitates to attack the South Korean company, after Apple’s rivals have filled a complaint over the labor conditions in the Chinese factory.

Terry Gou didn’t unveiled any of the iPhone 5′s specifications, though. Meanwhile, the tech publications continue to gossip about the release date and the technical specifications of the Apple smartphone.

According to the British website MobileFun, the new iPhone 5 will be only 7.6 mm thick, 1.7 mm thinner than its successor, iPhone 4S (9.3 mm). They also claim that it will be longer than the previous model, 123.8 mm compared to 115.2 mm, but it will be as wide as the last two Apple smartphones.

We’ve told you earlier today, citing the journalists at TechCrouch, that the port connector of the next iOS smartphone will be a lot smaller, almost the size of a regular microUSB.

The pictures come to confirm almost all the iPhone 5 details we previously presented you. The designers at Blackpool Creative have recently launched a Youtube video that presents a series of pictures of the prototype of the next Apple smartphone. The 3D images have been created using all the leaked details about the highly-awaited smartphone.

A couple of weeks ago, we presented you another video, of a TradeSupply employee presenting the case of an alleged iPhone 5. But is this the next Apple smartphone that will be released in the fall? The TradeSupply employee showcases the alleged iPhone 5 body, insisting that the new device will have a 4-inch display, 0.5 inches bigger than iPhone 4S’.

The aforementioned video reveals a slightly modified design, which has a bigger whole for the camera unit, probably an 8 megapixel sensor, a HDMI port, a new, smaller dock connector and a repositioned audio jack.

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