Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox 360 Firmware Update For Everyone


Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox 360 Firmware Update For Everyone

It’s available! The latest Xbox 360 firmware update has been released by Microsoft. However, this is just a “light” update as it doesn’t bring anything spectacular and your Xbox Live experience won’t change. In fact, Microsoft doesn’t intend to make any major modifications, the update being meant only to prepare the systems for more important updates that will come in the future.¬†Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for the Microsoft gaming network Xbox Live, also know as Major Nelson, reported that the update is mandatory for all users.

Hryb confirms that the improvements can’t be noticed as they are not visible, but will make the update coming this fall much easier. Nevertheless, a real update has been made but only for some regions meaning New Zealand and Australia. For the people who live there, the Kinect voice search feature has been added. A strange thing is that the update affects some controllers. In other words, the update makes the controllers of third-party company Datel not to work anymore. This is not such a serious problem as Datel is offering firmware updates for the gadgets in order to fix the problem.

As you probably know, a big Microsoft event is taking place right now. Besides, big news like the information about Windows Phone, Microsoft also revealed several new features included in the next Xbox 360 firmware update that will come next fall. Among these new improvements we have some new video streaming options for live sporting events , the SmartGlass platform which enables the users to make a second screen for the Xbox 360 out of their tablet or smartphone, and also the Kinect’s voice recognition feature which allows new methods to interact with the console. Other details about when the updates will be available have not been offered yet.

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