Windows Phone 8 Apollo Release Date Due In Fall


Windows Phone 8 Apollo Release Date Due In Fall

Windows Phone 8 Apollo was officially unveiled at Windows Phone Summit 2012. We’ve begun the week with a the first Microsoft tablet, Surface, and now the Redmond-based company makes another announcement. The update that was code named Apollo, will become available for download in the fall and it will come with support for multicore chipsets and 720p displays.

I guess the first thing you should know about Windows Phone 8 Apollo is that the terminals currently running on Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango will not receive the latest firmware update, but Microsoft will release a special update that will bring some of the WP8 features, as a consolation for the early adopters.

Windows Phone 8 offers support for resolutions of up to 1,280 x 768 pixels, external microSD cards, and the platform will have kernel shared with Windows 8 and Windows RT. It seems that Microsoft managed to make Windows Phone 8 run on laptops and tablets, maybe just to show off, or maybe to let us understand that the WP8 apps can be easily ported to Windows 8 and vice versa.

The interesting thing is that Microsoft have announced that Windows Phone 8 Apollo supports up to 64 cores, but to me this feature sounds silly. Windows Phone 8 also has an electronic wallet function that goes hand in hand with the NFC support, but it will be based on an “improved SIM” not on the phone’s hardware. Learn that Windows Phone 8 will integrate Nokia Maps, with support for offline maps. This is nothing but good news for the customers that won’t buy a Lumia smartphone, but a HTC or Samsung with the new Windows Phone. Turn by turn navigation and all the advantages of Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps will be integrated in the new Microsoft mobile operating system.

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft vice president, also mentioned about the business aspects, so the Windows Phone 8 smarthpones will come with password and document encryption, secured boot and IT management. The Bitlocker Drive Encryption feature will handle the phone’s security, and the network administrators will be able to install applications on the device without accessing Marketplace. Microsoft’s Office suite will have a more prominent presence in Windows Phone 8, but this aspect was not detailed.

Apollo also supports in-app purchases and comes with a revised Tile system in the Metro user interface. There are three different Tile sizes now: small, medium and a big and wide one, which is as big as two medium tiles. The information of the apps linked with the aforementioned tiles will be displayed dynamically, making them look alive.

Microsoft also announced the names of the companies that joined them in an attempt to make Windows Phone 8 Apollo relevant on the smartphone market: Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, HTC and Qualcomm, the latter one providing the chipsets for the WP8 smartphones.

The smartphones underpinned by Windows Phone 8 Apollo will be available in 180 countries in 50 different languages, after the operating system will arrive in the fall, along with Microsoft Surface. What do you think about the new Microsoft platform and its improvements? A disappointment or a big step ahead?

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