Google To Launch Siri Competitor At I/O Event On June 27th


Google To Launch Siri Competitor At I/O Event On June 27th

Reports say that Google are working around the clock to develop their own personal assistant, a response to Apple’s Siri, which will be introduced at this month’s event, Google I/O, scheduled to debut on June 27th. After Siri have become world’s first virtual personal assistant after it debuted along with the iPhone 4S, Samsung have followed Apple’s recipe and introduced S-Voice. It looks like Google’s Majel might be the third major voice control project.

The Voice Control system on Android is a bit outdated and is in need of important improvements. Google understands that its mobile operating system needs a more advanced voice control system, so we might actually see Majel at Google I/O event, writes Wall Street Journal. We have to wait one more week to see if the rumors are true.

The code name of Google’s voice control project for Android, “Majel,” has a special importance for the SF enthusiasts. Majel Barett is the wife of Gene Rodenberry, the creator of Star Trek, and the actress played several roles in the series (an assistant in the first Star Trek, Lwaxana Troy in The Next Generation). But her most important contribution to genesis of the Star Trek universe was her voice, which was used to give life to the Enterprise starship.

The code name for Google’s personal assistant wasn’t chosen randomly. I should remind you that when Siri was introduced, Google officials compared Siri with Star Wars, mentioning that Android gets its inspiration from Star Trek.

Would you be interested in an Android device with a personal assistant, whose voice is the famous Majel Barret, the same as the computer’s on the Enterprise?

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