Toshiba Touchscreen Laptop With Windows RT Demoed By TI Official


Toshiba Touchscreen Laptop With Windows RT Demoed By TI Official

At Computex 2012 we’ve seen, among others, an original laptop / tablet, manufactured by Toshiba and running on Windows RT. Unfortunately, the terminal based on a ARM processor was present at Toshiba’s booth as a demo unit and it was never powered on during the Taiwan-based event. Well, Texas Instruments have posted a demo video centered on the Toshiba Windows RT tablet.

We should get used to seeing such gadgets, as Microsoft unveiled their in-house build pair of tablets, of course, both running on Windows 8. As about the Toshiba gadget you can watch in action in the video below, this tablet / laptop combo comes with a TI OMAP 4470 processor, one of the options for the upcoming ARM terminals with Windows 8 (RT) on board.

The TI OMAP 4470 chipset is a based on two ARM Cortex A9 cores that can be clocked to up to 1.8 GHz, helped by an integrated PowerVR SGX544 graphics processing unit.

The video below is Texas Instrument’s demo with the Toshiba Windows RT touchscreen laptop trying to show us how smooth the TI OMAP 4470 cycles through applications running in background in Windows RT.

The TI official presenting the Toshiba laptop specifies that both the laptop that is showcased in the video and the tablet next to it are underpinned by the dual-core TI OMAP 4470 chipset and that they are running on Windows RT.

I am pretty sure that the the touchscreen laptops will become more widespread in the near future and it will be interesting to see an alternative to the conventional “convertible” tablet and laptops based on Tegra and Intel processors.

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