Google Nexus 7 Tablet To Be Announced At Google I/O On June 27th


Google Nexus 7 Tablet To Be Announced At Google I/O On June 27th

Some sources from upstream component makers claim that the Google Nexus Tablet will be launched at the Google I/O. The event will take place from June 27 to June 29 in San Francisco. The 7-inch tablet is developed in collaboration with Asustek Computer and will probably have a price tag starting at $199 and will be manufactured by Quanta Computers.

Starting in June, the Nexus tablet PC began shipping and specialists estimate that starting in July, the device will be available in the retail channel. People are very interested in Google’s first tablet and it is expected that the amount of shipments will be extended to 3 million units in the last two quarters of 2012.

Google will probably unveil the details of all of the company’s devices at the above mentioned developer event. However, the conference will also be attended by Jonney Shih (the Asustek Chairman) that will announce the 7-inch Nexus tablet along with Google.

The best thing about Google’s new device is its price. However, you should not expect it to have the same specs like other tablets such as the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. For instance, the Google Nexus tablet only has support for Wi-Fi connection. Also, there is no back-side webcam, though the tablet features a front-side one in case you want to attend a video conference.

Being a Google product, it will surely have Chrome as the default internet browser. Google Chrome have received some tweaks in order to eliminate the compatibility issues. So, now you should expect a much smoother operation with all the software apps.

With regard to Asustek, the company will release a version of the 7-inch tablet PC as well. As for the price, it will be around $170. The device will be released in August.

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