Xbox 720 Release Date And Price Are 2013 For $299, Comes With Kinect Glasses


Xbox 720 Release Date And Price Are 2013 For $299, Comes With Kinect Glasses

Some interesting details regarding the next generation Xbox console, unofficially dubbed Xbox 720, leaked over the past weekend: a document that has 56 pages contains information about the Xbox 720 and the next version of Kinect.

A series of slides of the Xbox 720 have hit the web and it seems that there’s more about Microsoft’s unreleased product than a simple console, as the leaked details mention phone gaming, special 3D glasses and even Nokia. All these are Microsoft’s plans that will see the light of day by 2015, when “any display and any mobile terminal will offer the Xbox experience.”

The leaked documents talk about an Xbox 720 with Blue-Ray support, 3D glasses, some extra sensors and interesting peripherals. It seems that the new Xbox will be 6 times more powerful, it will have complete 1080p and 3D support using six/eight ARM or x86 cores, each clocked at 2 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and three PPC cores at 3.2 GHz that will make the console compatible with the current 360 titles.

A new Kinect 2 sensor is also mentioned and the slightly frightening perspective of an perfect blend between real world and digital world. In 2015 the local sensors will hit the market, while in 2013 or 2014 the new Xbox should become available for purchase. The Yukon architecture underpinning the new Xbox chipset, is supposed to bring 6 times more power, better autonomy, made using a 22 nm process, and a production cost of $225.

With the changes Microsoft will bring to their Xbox over the years, the Redmond-based company wants its product to become the only multimedia device of a modern living-room. Therefore, Xbox 720 might go on sale at $299 along with Kinect 2. Lifetime: 10 years.

The huge list of slides also contains some information saying that we might actually be able to play some of the Xbox titles on the Nokia Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone 8 Apollo. A game streaming system for tablets and smartphones will also be implemented to allow several persons to take part to the same experience in the same time. Apple TV is listed as a rival product here and it seems that the new Xbox can also be used as a set top box, multimedia hub and as a main gadget for media playback.

Kincet Glasses (the Fortaleza project) seems to be a new design coming from Microsoft’s labs, an augmented reality system with internet connection via WiFi or 4G. Maybe a rival for Google’s Project Glass? Who knows.

Xbox 720 should hit the market sometime in 2013 while Kinect Glasses will go on sale in 2014.

All these fantastic details have hit the web yesterday. Today Microsoft is preparing to kick off an major event in Hollywood, so are you ready for some big surprises?

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