Microsoft To Launch iPad Killer Windows 8 Tablet


Microsoft To Launch iPad Killer Windows 8 Tablet

We are one weekend away from an important event hosted by Microsoft in Hollywood, where the company promised to unveil a very important product.

The Redmond-based company managed hide away from the public’s eyes most of the products that will be unveiled on Monday. Microsoft didn’t even mentioned the location where the event will be held, but we’ve heard that a new Windows tablet will be unveiled, manufactured by Microsoft. The tablet is running on Windows RT and it will be rival for Apple’s iPad.

According to the Hollywood-based blog, The Wrap, the software giant will present an own branded tablet, that will be used to attack iPad’s market share on the tablet segment. Therefore, Microsoft will be the second company after Apple, that will put their own software inside an own branded tablet.

However, it’s not the first time when Microsoft is launching a tablet. Even though it seems hard to believe, the first Microsoft tablet saw the light of day almost 10 years before Apple launched their first iPad. Bill Gates’ guys presented the product as a hybrid laptop, a huge and slow device that was controlled using a stylus, so there’s no wonder the product wasn’t successful.

Between 2008 – 2010 Microsoft had a second attempt to penetrate the market with a foldable tablet, with two touch screens. The Microsoft Courier was canceled right before the launch, after Apple introduced their first iPad. The team responsible for the Courier project continued their work though, launching the popular Paper app for iPad tablets.

This time it seems that Microsoft is a lot more confident about their new product, even though the company is aware that there will be a lot of competition for their tablet, coming both from Apple and Android tablets, but also from their partners that build Windows 8 slates. We’ll see if Microsoft’s important product is a Windows 8 tablet or a new Xbox, which should bring substantial incomes and notoriety to the company.

There are a lot of rumors speaking about the products that Microsoft will unveil at the conference that will start on Monday. The Redmond-based company recently acquired a social network, a LinkedIn rival, for $1 billion. It’s not that much thinking on how much they payed for Skype or how much they invest in their partnership with Nokia. Microsoft plans to become a company centered on cloud storage, as the Microsoft’s officials repeatedly said so.

Microsoft also tried to become relevant on the smartphone segment with Windows Phone and adjacent products. Everyone expects WP to become a huge success and a couple of days ago we heard that Nokia shipped 2.2 million Lumia units, an tiny figure thinking that almost 1 million Android devices are activated daily.

Therefore should be able to see the next major update for Microsoft’s mobile platform on Monday, dubbed Windows Phone 8 Apollo. Still, the rumor mill also speculated about other new Microsoft products: an update for Xbox and a new Kinect sensor, Microsoft TV (very unlikely, as they should wait to see what the competition will unveil, especially Apple, which is reportedly ready to enter this segment with a product in late 2012 or early 2013). We can rule out the Windows 8 launch for Monday as everybody expects it to hit the market this fall, thus Windows Phone 8 Apollo is almost a certain for the upcoming Microsoft event.

What do products do you think Microsoft will introduce on June 18th, 2012?

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