Amazon Appstore And Kindle Fire To Debut In Europe This Summer


Amazon Appstore And Kindle Fire To Debut In Europe This Summer

The Amazon Kindle¬†Fire is already unofficially available for purchase in Europe for a while, but most of the applications and services that are supposed to come along with the affordable tablet doesn’t work. Therefore, if you are reading this from Europe we come with good news for you: Amazon decided to officially launch the tablet on the Old Continent, along with the Amazon App Store for Android.

Next week, Amazon will announce they will begin approving the apps registered by developers from all over the world, but also the arrival of their services in Europe. You should know that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has an impressive share of 14% on the US tablet market after a very busy quarter. Even so, the popularity of the $200 tablet is starting to fade away, as many of the customers that want an affordable tablet have started to save money for the alleged 7-inch Google Nexus Tablet.

Amazon Appstore for Android debuted in US in March 2011, 8 months ahead of the launch of Kindle Fire tablet, in case you are curious. The good news is that a new Android applications store means more software for the users and new offers and I am certain that the Amazon Appstore debut on the European market will come along with price cutoffs and that’s one extra reason for the Europeans to be eager to meet the new tablet.

I remind you that the $200 Amazon Kindle Fire tablet comes with a 7.0-inch IPS TFT display with a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels, 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. Even though it doesn’t sport a camera the affordable tablet is powered by a TI OMAP 4430 chipset based on two Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1 GHz.

It has no 3G support, no microSD card slot or Bluetooth, but you can surf the web anytime using the WiFi. The tablet comes pre-loaded with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but after it was intensively customized by Amazon you can hardly tell that the cheap device is underpinned by Google’s operating system.

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