iPhone 5 To Come With At Qualcomm 4G LTE Chip


iPhone 5 To Come With At Qualcomm 4G LTE Chip

Rumor has it that the new iPhone 5 will sport a 4G LTE chipset and it seems that Qualcomm is the company that will provide the chip for the new device.

Digitimes journalists claim that Qualcomm is getting ready to manufacture the first 4G LTE chips for the iPhone 5 terminal, while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company was chosen for this process. Qualcomm plans to use a 28 nm manufacturing process fro the above mentioned chips, thus the new iPhone will pack very small components that manage the energy in a more efficient way.

A couple of months-old rumors were suggesting that Qualcomm will be the company to manufacture iPhone 5′s LTE chip and now we have a confirmation from Digitimes, a source that rarely misses when it comes to unreleased Apple products. Anyway we will find the truth in the fall.

It’s pretty obvious that Apple will make its next smartphone LTE-friendly, but the sad news is that this technology is not widespread, thus it will be useless on many of the markets where the Cupertino-based company will retail its smartphone.

Rumor has it that Steve Jobs himself worked on the design of the iPhone 5 before he passed away, as he wished for a faster, more powerful device with a bigger display.

Talking about iPhone 5 display, rumor has it that the next iOS smartphone will come with a Retina Display and the dot com tech publications have speculated about sizes between 3.95 and 4.08 inches.

It was initially rumored that the new iPhone 5 will sport a quad-core chipset, but if you ask me, I will definitely call it pure since fiction. Apple’s previous product releases have thought us that their iPhones are usually packing the SoC used by the iPad launched ahead of them.

Therefore, the iPhone 4 came with the single-core A4 chip of the first iPad, iPhone 4S came with the dual-core A5 chip you can find inside the iPad 2, so it’s natural to think that the next iPhone might sport the A5X CPU that debuted on the new iPad.

As about the release date of iPhone 5, recent rumors said the smartphone will be launched in September. Once more, I don agree with this. The first four iPhone models were all launched during the summer, but since Apple started to center the WWDC event on iOS and Mac OS X releases, the iPhone launch was moved to October. Therefore, the iPhone 4S was Apple’s first smartphone to be launched in October, so I’d expect its successor to be launched exactly one year after.

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