Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 release date delayed to July 10th


Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 release date delayed to July 10th

While until now Verizon was saying that the Galaxy S3 will start shipping on July 9th, now we can see July 10th as it’s release date. There isn’t very much of a difference, but we hope they don’t delay it even longer, because there are a lot of customers who have been waiting for Samsung’s flagship device for a long time.

Most US carriers will begin shipping the Galaxy S3 as of June 21th, while it has been available in Europe since the end of May.

The Pebble Blue Galaxy S3 had delays in Europe too due to problems with its case, though now Samsung fixed them and began shipping the device. Thanks to these problems, Samsung announced a Metallic Blue version too, which looks much better, in our opinion.

Verizon is selling the 4G LTE version of the device, which comes with a dual-core Snapdragon S4 CPU and 2GB of RAM, unlike the European version, that features a quad-core Exynos CPU and only 1GB of RAM. The smartphone is now available for pre-order, so if you want to be one of the first Verizon user to get your hands on it, it’s recommended to make a pre-order.

Over 10 million units have been sold world-wide and the Galaxy S3 has been declared the fastest-selling smartphone yet, surpassing Apple’s iPhone 4S. What attracted people the most are its wonderful, 4.8-inch Super Amoled HD display, powerful hardware and useful features, like the Smart Stay, S Beam, S Voice, and PopUp Play.

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