Spy Shots Of An Alleged Nokia Windows Phone 8 Apollo Prototype Hit The Web


Spy Shots Of An Alleged Nokia Windows Phone 8 Apollo Prototype Hit The Web

Even though most of the analysts are saying that Nokia will definitely sell their luxury division, Vertu, in order to receive a couple of hundred million dollars the Finns will reinvest in their technologies, today a new Vertu phone made the headlines. It’s not a common Vertu model, but a Nokia device with Windows Phone 8 Apollo on board, says the About screen.

The alleged Vertu smartphone revealed both Windows Phone 8 Apollo build, but also features like storage in the cloud, SkyDrive most likely, and 54 GB of internal storage, although we are probably talking about a product that will be sold as a 64 GB device. It could also be a 32 GB smartphone with 25 GB of SkyDrive storage resulting into a total memory of 54.72 GB after you go by the 1024 byte model.

According to the information on the Vertu’s display, the screenshots are three weeks old, thus we should thinking that Nokia might just keep their Vertu division instead of selling it like latest rumors speculated.

But this whole leaked Windows Phone 8 Apllo-powered Vertu phone might be Nokia’s attempt to make the luxury brand’s shares raise before the Finns get rid of their division for good.

Returning to the pictures of the alleged Vertu smartphone underpinned by Microsoft’s mobile platform, Windows Phone 8 Apollo, the back case looks pretty odd, with a large whole for the camera unit, a reminiscent of the PureView camera installed on the Nokia 808 camera phone introduced at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona in February 2012.

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