Apple Fails To Block Samsung Galaxy S3 Sale In The US


Apple Fails To Block Samsung Galaxy S3 Sale In The US

Apple is trying to keep the competition from entering the US market, but it seems that the company is not as effective as hopped. You probably are probably aware about the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung. Well, this week, Apple wanted to make the court ban the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the United States before it actually gets released. Unfortunately for the American giant, it lost the bid, but it seems that the patent fight will continue.

According to Apple, the Samsung Galaxy S3 includes two of the same infringing functions contained in the Galaxy Nexus. For that, the company asked the court to impose ¬†an injunction on Samsung’s new flagship smartphone before it’s launched in the United States and add it to the Galaxy Nexus complaint.

It seems that it was too late for Apple to add more devices to its complaint, at least that what Samsung claimed. However, Apple is not giving up and will probably attempt once more to get a TRO (temporary restraining order) against the Samsung Galaxy S3.

California district Judge Lucy Koh said that Apple’s action would postpone the current patent trial schedule, although the company has the right to file for a temporary restraining order. Apple had until June 8 to reach to a decision on what to do about the TRO, but Cupertino decided against it so that the trial would begin.

According to patent blogger Florian Mueller the trial has been set for July 30, but the two sides will have to take pat at a hearing on June 21st. Judge Koh wrote that in case a restraining motion is filed by Apple, the company will need to ask the Court for a new hearing date.

American will be able to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 from all four major carriers. It’s obvious that when the device gets launched, the sales will reach the sky, even Apple admits it. That’s one more reason why the company led by Timothy Cook wants to ban the Galaxy S3, the fall of Apple’s market share will be imminent.

On the other hand, Samsung swears that the Galaxy S3 is ” innovative and distinctive”, and it totally oppose Apple’s request.

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