Windows Phone 8 Apollo Leaked Screenshots Reveal Skype Integration


Windows Phone 8 Apollo Leaked Screenshots Reveal Skype Integration

A set of low-quality Windows Phone 8 Apollo build leaked pictures have been posted by the guys at Nokia Innovation. The alleged Windows Phone 8 Apollo screenshots leaked one week ahead of Windows Phone Summit event in San Francisco, where Microsoft will reportedly demo the new major update of their mobile operating system for smartphones.

Windows Phone Summit, an event hosted by Microsoft will debut on June 21st and we should be able to see the Redmond-based company’s new major upgrade, Windows Phone 8 Apollo, in action for the first time.

We are used to see an avalanche of rumors hitting the web ahead each big conference and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Summit makes no difference. It doesn’t matter how many of the rumors are confirmed after the event, Windows Phone 8 is not an exception for this trend.

We’ve told you yesterday that Nokia Maps will replace Bing Maps on all Windows Phone 8 Apollo devices. After this transition, Nokia Maps will integrate both a 3D navigation system and support for user interface hardware acceleration.

Probably Microsoft isn’t too keen on just throwing away all the data gathered by Bing Maps so far, thus we might see the software giant launching a maps application that combines Bing and Nokia Maps. Therefore we might be able to see real-time traffic info coming from Bing and displayed on Nokia’s mapping solution.

We also expect Windows Phone 8 Apollo to bring Skype integration, NFC mobile payment support, plus some changes related to the camera application. As you probably know, Microsoft still doesn’t have a serious competitor angainst Apple’s Siri.

As about the Windows 8 Apollo hardware requirements, everybody expects Microsoft to introduce support for multi-core processors and may reports indicate that the Redmond-based company will also introduce support for up to higher resolution displays.

The gallery below shows that Windows Phone 8 Apollo will come with Skype integration, including special voice only / video call window, a data traffic manager (finally arriving on Windows Phone, too) and a new interface for the camera application that has a Lenses-specific button.

Even though it’s hard to believe that Microsoft’s upcoming conference will radically change Windows Phone’s popularity among customers, it’s interesting to see how Bill Gates’ company is constantly trying its best to improve this promising mobile platform.

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