Mozilla Boot To Gecko Customization Options Demoed In Video


Mozilla Boot To Gecko Customization Options Demoed In Video

We were talking last year about a new mobile operating system, created by Mozilla and underpinned by the Gecko rendering engine in Firefox. The new OS is called Boot to Gecko and now we come with new details about Mozilla’s platform.

In April, Gary Kovacs, Mozilla CEO, have announced in Sao Paolo that the first mobile devices running on the new operating system will be launched in late 2012 or in early 2013, after the company have signed a partnership with the local carrier, Telefonica.

It seems that Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko won’t attack the high-end segment, already disputed between important players such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, as they would like their mobile operating system to compete on the mid and low-end market. As well, all the terminals running on Boot to Gecko will be network unlocked.

While more and more Android users choose to root their devices in order to optimize their smartphones to fit their needs, Mozilla is working on a mobile operating system that allows a complete customization experience.

Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko, also known as B2G, is based exclusively on web programming languages, HTML5 and JavaScript, which will allow any user that has a minimum of coding knowledge to transform his smartphone or tablet into the device that best suits his needs, writes Geek.

Paul Rouget, programmer working for Mozilla, have demoed in a 2 minutes video how easy is to customize Mozilla B2G operating system.

Boot to Gecko is based on a Linux kernel, on which the company’s developers added Android drivers and the Gecko render engine, the same used for Mozilla Firefox.

For the time being, the pre-release B2G version is available exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Nexus S users.

Time will tell whether a mobile operating system based on a web interface has any chance to succeed in the battle against other mobile platforms. Until then, enjoy the Mozilla Boot to Gecko demo video below.

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