Sony To Launch A New Xperia Smartphone, Shows Facebook Countdown Timer


Sony To Launch A New Xperia Smartphone, Shows Facebook Countdown Timer

The first half of 2012 was pretty full for Sony, as the Japan-based company revealed a whole bunch of Xperia smartphones, from Xperia S and Xperia Ion to Xperia U and P, followed by Xperia Sola, Xperia GX, Xperia SX and the freshly launched Xperia Acro S. It seems that Sony won’t stop here, as the company posted a countdown timer on their Facebook page, indicating that a new Xperia smartphone will be announced on June 21st.

Sony already announced a few weeks ago they are preparing something special for June 22nd, but the date was changed. If you decide to go on Sony Facebook page, click the Fast Forward button and you will be welcomed by a screen that says it will “bring the next Xperia smartphone closer to you.” It’s interesting how the teaser says that your click have brought the next Xperia smartphone announcement closer, thus maybe if a certain number of fans hit the like button Sony will unveil the smartphone sooner.

Anyway, we don’t know anything about this new Sony smartphone yet, but we have a couple of candidates for the next Xperia device: Sony Xperia Hayabusa or the new Xperia Play.

A lot of rumors regarding the debut of a Sony Xperia smartphone code named Hayabusa have hit the web so far and rumor has it that it will be flagship of the Xperia line-up, way different than the other models, underpinned by a quad-core chipset.

As about the alleged Xperia Play 2, Sony has to bring the simile back on their fans’ faces, after the Japanese company officially announced that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update won’t be available for Sony Xperia Play.

Sony might also unveil a music phone or a high-end cameraphone, but it’s wiser to wait until June 21st before rushing into conclusions.

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