Windows Phone 8 Apollo To Bring Nokia Maps Instead Of Bing Maps


Windows Phone 8 Apollo To Bring Nokia Maps Instead Of Bing Maps

It has been more than a week since Microsoft promised that it would offer a sneak peek at the new details of Windows Phone. Details have already started to come out. The latest news is that Bing Maps will be replaced by Nokia Maps in all Windows Phone devices. According to WPCentral, the maps will be also have 3D navigation and hardware acceleration.

A unified map design with recent traffic results updates and the fact that Bing Maps will hold the Nokia name indicate that Nokia and Bing Maps will actually merge. WPCentral also reminds the other features of Windows Phone 8 such as Skype integration, various camera enhancements, an NFC wallet experience. However, the only thing that Microsoft did not manage to come up with is a serious competitor for Siri. Of course, TellMe is still available but the service can’t be compared with Siri which is a lot more comprehensive.

As for the Windows Phone Developer Summit for which Microsoft initially sent invites for June 20th and June 21th, it seems like the event turns out to be just a Windows Phone Summit. Microsoft changed plans and updated the invite for a one day event that will take place on June 20th. This means that the company will focus primarily on presenting Windows Phone 8 instead of concentrating on its developer message.

In terms of functions, Windows Phone 8 will probably feature multi-core CPUs support, four screen resolutions and NFC radio support. Because the operating system has a close relationship with the kernel of Windows 8, the Windows Phone 8 users will be able to create native code applications.

Anyway, you should expect more information about the matter next week, just after the vent on June 20th when we promise to keep you updated with the latest news about new OS built by Microsoft.

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