iPhone 5 Release Date Is Early September 2012


iPhone 5 Release Date Is Early September 2012

With Apple’s annual WWDC event currently undergoing at Moscone Center, San Francisco, the guys at BGR have took some time to gossip about the iPhone 5 release date.

This time the information provided by their “well-connected insider” saying that iPhone 5 release date was scheduled for early September is backed-up by the words of a KGI Securities analyst. We are talking about Mr. Ming-Chi Kuo who is famous about his accurate predictions regarding unannounced Apple product releases.

iOS 6.0 was unveiled today at WWDC 2012 and it seems that the Gold Maser release will debut synchronized with iPhone 5 in September. Min-Chi said that “based on the release schedule for iOS 6 GM, there is a very good chance iPhone 5 will start shipping also in early September.”

KGI Securities analyst also said that the next-gen Apple smartphone will sport a 4.08-inch display.

Today’s Apple WWDC 2012 keynote revealed that iOS 6.0 has received some serious improvements like Facebook integration, a new Maps application, a Do Not Disturb function and many other goodies.

Returning to iPhone 5, rumor has it that Steve Jobs himself worked shoulder to shoulder with Apple engineers at the design of this smartphone before his death: he wanted a device with a bigger display and more processing power.

It was reported that the next iPhone will pack a quad-core CPU, but if you asked me, I would call this since fiction. And this is not a lucky guess, it’s an educated opinion based on Apple product launches pattern.

The Cupertino-based company is usually placing the iPad chip inside their new iPhones. Therefore, the iPhone 4 came with iPad’s single-core A4 chipset, iPhone 4S sports iPad 2′s dual-core A5 processor and it’s very likely that the iPhone 5 will feature new iPad’s A5X chip.

Even though the quad-core smartphones like HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 are making the headlines, a dual-core chipset fitted inside the iPhone 4S wouldn’t make it weaker. We’ve seen how the Snapdragon S4-powered One X variant managed to overscore its quad-core brother in benchmark tests.

Anyway, other rumors have indicated that Samsung is working on a completely new dual-core chipset that will be placed under the unibody case of Apple’s smartphone. Whether it will pack the A5X or the new mysterious CPU, I’m 100% sure that iPhone 5 will be Apple’s first smartphone to come with 4G LTE support. Will it be good enough to fight against Galaxy S3? We’ll see in the fall.

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