Apple WWDC Keynote 2012: New iOS 6 with Facebook integration and Do Not Disturb


Apple WWDC Keynote 2012: New iOS 6 with Facebook integration and Do Not Disturb

The Apple WWDC Keynote 2012 was exactly as we expected. People have been talking about new Macbook Pro and Air, Mac Pros, iOS 6 and most of its new features. It seems like Apple isn’t as good as it was at keeping secrets. Though iOS 6 is a really awesome operating system and let’s see what it brings new.

The iOS 6 now comes with Facebook integration, so you can use the popular social network easier and share from the iPhone’s core apps. Apple also surprised us with a Facebook API, which allows other apps to share through the social network. This feature is definitely going to be loved by many, considering the number of Facebook users and complaints about the old app.

One more useful feature is the “Do Not Disturb,” which is also available in Mountain Lion. Just activate the feature and you won’t get any push notifications and the screen won’t turn on at all. Of course you can whitelist your important contacts or even set the feature to turn off if a contact calls you twice.

All in all, iOS 6 got more social and comes with some useful features, though it’s not a very big difference from the good-ol’ iOS 5. It seems like iOS 6 will be available for upgrade for iPhone 3GS and upwards, along with iPad 2, the new iPad 3 and iPod Touch 4th-gen.

Unfortunately iOS 6 is not available yet, and it should come in fall, probably once with the iPhone 5. But Apple released the Beta version today, so developers can give it a try already.

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