iOS 6.0 Officially Unveiled At Apple WWDC 2012


iOS 6.0 Officially Unveiled At Apple WWDC 2012

As you probably know Apple is hosting its annual WWDC event at Moscone Center. At the San Francisco-based event Apple showcased their biggest innovations for the first half of the year, which include new MacBook Air line-up, a MacBook Pro with Retina Display, but also the new iOS 6.0 with a new Maps applications. Let’s see what’s all about!

Most of the rumors about the features of iOS 6.0 were confirmed, whether it’s about the new Maps or about the Facebook integration. Learn that Siri comes noew with support for the new iPad. Moreover, the same virtual assistant will show you live scores and player stats. Apple have improved Siri’s restaurant search results and it now offers more details, plus reviews and many other goodies. Apple’s personal assistant will provide you with the details about movies and actors and scores and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes’ data base.

iOS 5.0 brought Twitter integration, but now it’s time for Zuckerberg’s Facebook to be integrated in Apple’s OS. Many of iOS 6.0′s screens will now allow you to share them on Facebook. You can post on Facebook from the Maps application, Photos and now the social network is integrated in the Notification Center. Facebook is also supported by Siri, and after the APIs were made available for developers, any application in App Store can easily integrate Facebook, thus the users can update their accounts without a third-party applications. In iOS 6.0 you will now be able to like applications and see what apps your friends like.

Apple have teased a iOS 6.0 feature called Eye Free, which would make Siri easier to use while driving, using a special button to activate the assistant. The button will be placed on the car’s steering wheel and may car makers have joined Apple for this project.

In iOS 6.0 Facetime will also be available via a 3G connection. Until now the users who wanted to use FaceTime had to use a WiFi hotspot or jailbreak their device to use the 3G network.

iOS 6.0 also received an application called PassBook, which centralizes all your movie, train or plane tickets, coupons and free codes in the same iOS software. The Photo Stream feature now allows photo stream sharing and your friends will be able to comment or like your pictures.

The Do Not Disturb feature debuted at WWDC 2012 along with Apple’s new mobile operating system, which will make your smartphone’s notifications and behavior more discreet while you are in the middle of an important meeting.

But the icing of the cake was Apple’s new Maps solution, which replaces Google Maps. The new Maps lists over 100 million businesses, landmarks and interest points on the map. The iOS 6.0′s Maps app also brings more detailed local search, turn by turn navigation, traffic information and exceptional 3D graphics. The turn by turn feature also comes with an ETA option and various route options.

The Flyover feature is similar to what Google recently presented related to 3D navigation. Apple have created virtual 3D building models and promised they will be available in real time. The new Maps app will debut along with iOS 6.0 next fall.

Most of the iOS 6.0′s new features were anticipated by analysts and I can honestly say that Apple’s OS have evolved. But is it good enough to overtake Android? This question might be answered at the end of the month, when we will be able to see what Android Jelly Bean and Windows Phone 8 hold.

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