WWDC 2012 Banner Confirms iOS 6 Debut


WWDC 2012 Banner Confirms iOS 6 Debut

Today is a big day for Apple and the company’s fans, as WWDC 2012 kick starts, the biggest Apple event this summer. A series of press conferences will debut with Apple CEO, Tim Cook’s speech. WWDC 2012 will end on June 15th. Until then, we found out that iOS 6.0 will be demoed at Apple’s conference.

Until now we knew nothing about the products that will be announced at WWDC 2012, but the banner you can see in the picture above betrays Apple’s intention. Some rumors have indicated that the new iOS will be just an slightly upgraded 5.x version, just like rumors said that Android Jelly Bean will be actually Android 4.1.

Anyway the new iOS have reached version 6.0, an update that Tim Cook and his team will introduce today during a WWDC 2012 press conference, at Moscone Center in San Francisco at 10 AM.

It is speculated that the new iOS 6.0 will bring Siri integration for iPad. It was also rumored that the new Apple mobile operating system will also come with Facebook integration, maybe even widgets, who knows. Other sources indicate that iOS 6.0 will bring a new multitasking system, which will allow the user to run apps simultaneously on the display, a reminiscent of “picture in picture” mode for TVs. All I can say that I am sure that Apple’s fans will warmly welcome all these features.

Reports have revealed that Apple is also working on a new Maps app for iOS 6, unofficially dubbed iMaps, as the Cupertino-based would like to launch a rival for Google Maps.

Anyway, right after the iOS 6 is introduced at WWDC 2012, the developer test version will become available for download, soon followed by iOS 6 beta. The next generation Apple smartphone, iPhone 5, will be the first product to come with iOS 6, which will mark the debut of Apple’s mobile operating system on the market.

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