Microsoft Ditches HTC From Windows 8 RT OEM List


Microsoft Ditches HTC From Windows 8 RT OEM List

Microsoft has ditched HTC from the list of companies that will manufacturer ARM tablets running on Windows 8.

Windows 8 RT is the debut of Microsoft’s operating system on the machines based on chipsets manufactured on ARM architecture. The Windows RT tablet should be more affordable than the their x86 sisters and they are expected to debut by the end of the year, as soon as Windows 8 is officially launched.

Microsoft’s decision to leave HTC outside the Windows RT original equipment manufacturers list because the Taiwan-based company doesn’t sell enough tablets and because HTC doesn’t have enough experience in making tablets, writes Bloomberg, quoting sources close to the matter that chose to remain anonymous.

Microsoft chose to let HTC out of the first wave of Windows 8 RT tablet makers as the Taiwanese company doesn’t have enough experience and a relevant market share on this niche. Therefore, Microsoft is afraid that HTC wouldn’t be able to develop a competitive product, as the company famous for their smartphones might alter the software and create negative feedback among the customers.

Rumor has it that the real reason why HTC won’t manufacture a Windows 8 ARM tablet is a dispute between the two parties regarding the optimization of the device. HTC engineers have insisted on operating a few changes, like most of the companies do on the Android-powered slates, and Microsoft rejected their request, in an attempt control the first wave of Windows RT tablets.

It’s obvious that HTC wanted to customize their Windows RT tablets, as it was reported that they planned to create a sort-of Sense UI for them. It looks like Microsoft didn’t agree and chose to work alongside other companies. It will be rough hit for HTC, a company that recently presented the financial results for May 2012 showing that the One line-up didn’t manage to impose an increaseing trend for their sales.

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