Google Chrome Ready To Become A Windows 8 Metro Live Tile


Google Chrome Ready To Become A Windows 8 Metro Live Tile

In March, Google officials promised the company will launch the Metro-style Chrome for Windows 8, and now the web browser is getting ready for the official launch.

The new Google Chrome version is designed to run both in classic desktop mode, but also in the Metro user interface of the x86 edition of Microsoft’s Windows 8. Most of the desktop PCs, portable computers and may of the highly-awaited Windows 8 tablets will be able to run the x86 Google Chrome version, except for the Windows RT slates.

In theory, creating a Google Chrome version compatible with the ARM architecture shouldn’t be a problem for a company like Google, which has a lot of experience on this segment. In the real world, many of the software developers interested in creating Windows RT applications, with Mozilla among them, complained about the limitations imposed by the API created for this operating system, accusing Microsoft for favoring Internet Explorer, artificially limiting any other web browser.

Therefore, Google Chrome for Windows RT will bot work on the classic user interface, while on the Metro UI it will be limited compared to the x86 edition.

As about the x86 edition of Google Chrome, it integrates Windows-8 specific features, like the snap view system used to display more apps in the simultaneously and the so-called charm bars – used to display the tools and extra functions in the Metro-compatible apps.

For the time being, Google Chrome for Windows 8 and the open-source Chrominum are on the verge of leaving the internal testing session, then they will become available for download via Dev channel.

For more details and possibly for a download link (which for the time being is not available), you can access Considering that the Metro platform is still young it’s nice to see that the dev teams are launching important applications like this one.

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