Google Nexus Tablet Caught In The Wild, Has The ASUS Logo


Google Nexus Tablet Caught In The Wild, Has The ASUS Logo

The rumors about the Google Nexus Tablet, which will reportedly debut by the end of the year, are intensifying as we are getting closer to the Google I/O 2012 event scheduled for late June. The first spy shots of the Google Nexus tablet were sent to Phone Arena journalists by anonymous sources.

We are almost certain that ASUS will manufacture the Nexus tablet, based on a quad-core Tegra 3 chipset developed by Nvidia, the same you will find inside the unibody case of HTC One X. We also know some vague details about the price, which might be somewhere under $250.

According to the source that provided the below pictures, the Google Nexus tablet will be running on Android 4.1. The latest rumors are indicating that the next major update for Google’s mobile operating system will be named Jelly Bean 4.1 instead of the expected Jelly Bean 5.0. Either way, reports say that Google Nexus tablet will be the first of its kind to come pre-loaded with Android Jelly Bean.

It was also rumored that the first Google tablet will sport a 7.0-inch display and 1 GB of RAM, which is very likely considering the current tablet market trends.

The guys at Phone Arena are saying that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is the most plausible name for the upcoming major firmware update. Google updated Android 2.0 to Eclair 2.1 when the most important improvement was Google Earth. The search engine giant giant have recently announced massive updates for the Maps application, which will now bring 3D maps, thus 4.1 might be the version of the new Jelly Bean. On the other hand I see no reason for Google to respect this pattern.

Anyway, an affordable quad-core Android slate will make an instant impact on the tablet market, as Amazon’s Kindle Fire has shown us that the price really matters for the customers. Google hopes that a 7-inch cheap tablet will bite a big chunk of Apple’s tablet market share, but rumor has it that the Cupertino-based company is working on a response to Nexus Tablet, the 7.85-inch iPad Mini.

We are eager to see what Google will unveil at I/O conference, thus it’s smarter to wait until late June before rushing into conclusions.

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