It’s Official: Google Acquires Quickoffice And Meebo


It’s Official: Google Acquires Quickoffice And Meebo

Each top company is constantly trying to improve their portfolio and launch more services to allow them to offer more powerful development features on each niche. The same happens with Google after to company acquired Qucickoffice and Meebo.

Google extended their portfolio with Quickoffice applications suite, used by the users of both Android and iOS devices. The acquisition could be Mountain View-based company’s first step in the development of a Google app suite capable of competing against Microsoft Office.

The rumors saying that Google plans to buy Meebo were confirmed. The search engine giant purchased Meebo, a company that developed chat and social sharing services, for about $100 million. The reason why Meebo was an attractive product for Google is not clear, but the analysts are expecting Google to use Meebo’s innovations and patents to improve the functions of the Google+ social network, writes Electronista.

The company became famous in 2005, once they launched the Meebo service (online messaging service), but over the past couple of years they centered their efforts on social media.

Meebo Bar, an application that comes with social sharing and extra ads on any site you are visiting, is the company’s flagship product, as Meego focused on the social sharing segment, providing the user with recommendation based on his/her tastes.

As about Quickoffice, the IT company will integrate it with their Google Apps suite. Google says that Quickoffice has a large enough data base of users and that it will hep the company perform at a higher level on this market segment.

The Quickoffice package allows the user to view or edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents directly from their smartphone or tablet PC, and the Google deal came only a few months ahead of Microsoft Office launch for Android and iOS, says AllThingsD.

Google tried to offer their own document editing solution, Google Docs, now integrated with their storage in the cloud service, Google Drive, but the limited number of features won’t attract the customers who want extended functionality.

I guess Google will use Quickoffice experience to make a more mature and more complex Google Docs. The Microsoft office is starting to lose ground in front of suites like Google Docs and Open Office, and the main reason for this is the price – zero for Google Docs and Open Office and extremely high for MS Office, more expensive than a Windows 7 licence.

The Quickoffice deal will represent Google’s new attempt to rapidly develop a productivity applications suit, which can work both in the cloud and offline.

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