iPad Still Doing Fine, While Kindle Fire Demand Lowers, Says ABI Research Study


iPad Still Doing Fine, While Kindle Fire Demand Lowers, Says ABI Research Study

The tablet market witnessed a raise of 185% in Q1 2012, compared to the same time frame 2011, says the latest study published by ABI Research. iPad is the big winner, while the Kindle Fire sales are starting to drop after it pleasantly surprised us all in late 2011 and first quarter of 2012.

ABI Research is a marketing research company with headquarters located in New York that centers its studies on several technology market segments like mobile devices, networks and services and wireless connectivity.

The latest reports from ABI Research are indicating that Apple’s iPad is still dominating the tablet PC segment, with a market share of over 65%.

ABI Research reports that a total over 18 million tablet PC units were shipped in the first quarter of 2012 all over the world, while Apple manged to ship 11.8 million of them, making the iPad the most successful slate around, with a market share of 65%.

Samsung comes second after Android and is the most successful Android tablet manufacturer, even though the South Korean company managed to sell only 1.1 million units. Even though Amazon’s tablet was a huge sales success in Q4 2011,  the “Kindle Fire shipments fizzled” in early 2012, allowing Samsung to become the biggest Android tablet vendor.

After Research in Motion have cut off the price of their BlackBerry Playbook, the company managed to ship 223% more units in the time frame that is the subject to the research, while the demand for Lenovo lowered.

This study shows confirms once more the dominance of Apple on the tablet market, but even so, the iPad’s popularity have decreased over the past year. Even though Samsung has half a dozen tablets in their portfolio: Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, Tab 2 7, Tab 7.7, Tab 8.9, Tab 10.1, Tab 2 10.1, the South Korean company is still incapable of coping with the iPad.

But the iPad’s dominance might end soon, as rumors indicate that Google is preparing to launch a 7-inch quad-core Android Jelly Bean-powered tablet for only $200, while Amazon is getting ready to release the Kindle Fire’s successor. How will Apple respond to these threats? Maybe with an 7.85-inch iPad Mini.

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